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Manage change. The fastest way: Start in your everyday life – right now: How du you and your team speak, write and act. Be aware of 6 challenges in our new digital age.

I have in the recent years developed completely new training courses directly to your daily practice with easy-to-use tools for leaders and teams. The focus for your development is: How do you and your team communicate 360 ​​degrees around your work.

Of course, as a leader today, you need support for communication in a fast changing digital age, just as you are offered help with IT, law, HR and finance. As described by the american business magazine Forbes:

“It is simply impossible to become a great leader without being a great communicator. The key to become a skillful communicator is rarely found in what has been taught in the world of academia”.

I also offer to help you and your organization with developing pragmatic and flexible strategies for communication, that fit your actual framework and daily realities.

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Who am i?

I am communications expert and mastercoach and have been manager for more than two decades. My academic background consists of an interdisciplinary master’s degree in communication, journalism and environmental science from three higher educations in Denmark.

I have among other worked as:

– Editor and special consultant in the Danish Ministry for Environment.

– Manager at the danish national Knowledge Center for Working Environment.

– Communications manager in several research and educational institutions.

– Author and journalist.

I established after two years of preparation in november 2021.

Everything I offer to help with rests on a deep core of professionalism and values described in my White Paper.

CONTACT:, +45 3010 4197. 


In my podcast about “Work Life and Leadership in Denmark” managing partner of Gallup in Europe, Middle East and Africa, Pa Sinyan presents and discuss some of the major findings from Gallup from 30 years of research and studies all over the world. Gallup has two Nobel Prize winners in their research team. 

In the summer of 2022 Gallup presented their newest results from studying the engagement of employees in all regions of the world.

Gallups conclusions after decades of studies and research are clear: We are lacking leadership in Denmark and other European countries, that engages employees. And the potential in danish workplaces – and in other European countries – are so huge.

We can do so much better, and there are so many simple tools, we can use. It is incredible, how we much in Denmark – and in other countries – can learn, when we look beyound our own boarders.

My conversations with Pa Sinyan are converted in to 4 20 minutes chapters in this podcast. 

My podcast is voluntary and driven by passion. Any backup and support will be highly appreciated.

CONTACT:, +45 3010 4197

Danish Leaders are among the worst in the world to inspire and engage their employees